Majority of people accidentally drop their phones in the water In the summertime because some people want to go out for adventurer activities near the water for refreshment in life. Our fellows, accidentally drop their phones in the water and due to anxiety, they make more damage.

Two Common Mistakes:

1- After drop-in water, keep using the phone
2- plug-in the charger in frustration to check if it’s working or not

Outcome due to these two mistakes:-

– short circuit happens when most of the water flooded the motherboard.
– all other internal components in the phone also be affected by the short circuit such as the LOUD speaker, EARPIECE, Charging port, WIFI Antenna, etc.
– LCD can also be damaged.


  • POWER OFF the device – this is the first step that should immediately be in effect after your phone drops in water.
  • If the battery is removable, Immediately remove the battery afterward.
  • Do Not use the phone.

After all the above steps, you may prevent your motherboard and all other internal components from water damage. In today’s generation devices, You cannot dry the water by yourself because it has to be open and handled by a professional technician to dry the internal parts & connectors thoroughly.

Remain Calm, We are here to help you!

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