iPhone back glass replacement

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

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Although it is possible to repair a damaged glass back panel, the procedure is not as simple as it appears.

A certain amount of skill and advanced tools are needed for iPhone back glass replacement service required

on the back of most phones is easily damaged because the majority of the back-surface is made up of glass.

The Apple phone features a glass back combined with an aluminum frame or a steel body. This means that, if the phone is dropped, the glass may bend or crack.

It can be difficult to remove the iPhone’s glass back panel so that the glass can be replaced because it is fused to the frame.

Aluminum or steel frames are attached to the back panel with silicon adhesive. The adhesive needs to be melted by heat in order to be removed from the glass panel. Then you pry the glass panel away from the frame.

Once the glass panel has been removed, the steel frame is attached to the glass rear panel with adhesive.

The metal frame is picked up with a suction cup, and a heat gun is applied to the frame to melt the adhesive. Once the adhesive has melted, the metal frame can be pried away from the glass panel.

In order to replace the glass panel, a heat gun and suction cup are needed. The glass panel is heated with a heat gun, and the suction cup is used to pick up the glass panel.

The new glass panel is placed on the steel frame, and the metal frame is heated with a heat gun to melt the adhesive.

When the adhesive has melted, the metal frame is removed from the glass panel, and the new glass panel is installed.

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