Looking For a Chilliwack Phone Fix repair store in Chilliwack, we are the best cellphone repair industry in Chilliwack city. We have two locations in Chilliwack where we serve the best quality service to our clients. We offer our customers what is best suitable for them. We always take care of their budgets even after they choose the bottom price-quality. Check out our customer reviews on Google for our both locations about our service and their experience at our stores. We welcome all Brand’s phones & tablets repair at our both locations on Yale Road.

Chilliwack Phone Fix in Southgate shopping center | Chilliwack phone repairs and Service :- 45905 Yale Road #44, Chilliwack (Contact number 604-991-3699)

Chilliwack Phone Fix by midtown Station | Chilliwack phone repairs and Service :- 45610 Yale Rd #201, Chilliwack (Contact number 778-201-9242)

If you are looking for the best quality repair and service choose Chilliwack Phone Fix. Call us on the above-given numbers or fill up the following web form to get a quick quote.

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