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Broken iPad! Don’t Worry Visit Chilliwack Phone Fix (#1 Solution)

We’re a locally owned and operated business that stands behind our quality, price match, warranty, and service. We fix all iPad models and are awarded as a #1 repair store in Chilliwack.

$79 is the starting price for iPad top touch glass. The majority of customers break the top touch glass (Digitizer) on their iPads which cost them very minimal. We carry very good quality parts with 0-3 month warranty depending on the quality customer chooses. Our technician fixes the iPad the same day ( Subject to the availability of the part ). We use the best opening tools and open the iPad very carefully and assemble it back with all the covered plates. We know some technicians left the covering plates to save their time but on our site, this will never be the case.

Note- Above mention is not always the case. Some of the customers have iPads in which LCD and Digitizer both are one-unit assembly. The prices for those iPad repairs are different. Please contact us or visit our store.

We have two locations in Chilliwack where we serve the best quality service to our clients. We understand our customer’s needs and execute the best suitable solution for them. Check out our customer reviews on Google about our service and their experience at our stores. We welcome all Brand phones & tablets repair at our both locations. Our both locations are on Yale Road. Please see our names and locations.

Chilliwack Phone Fix in Southgate Mall | Chilliwack phone repairs and Service :- 45905 Yale Road #44, Chilliwack (Contact number 604-991-3699)

Chilliwack Phone Fix by Midtown Apartments | Chilliwack phone repairs and Service :- 45610 Yale Rd #201, Chilliwack (Contact number 778-201-9242)

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